Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Bearing with a riveted stamped steel cage
Filled with a polyalkylene glycol/ graphite mix for lubrication
Running-in period required to distribute the lubricant within the bearing for applications that stand idle for an extended period
Not for wet or perhaps humid environments
Single-row, pre-lubricated, typical accuracy.
Deep Groove Ball Bearings happen to be one of the most widely used rolling bearings. They are used to accommodate radial and axial loads in both guidelines.
With small friction and high-limit speed, Ball Bearings are cost-effective and need little maintenance.
Chromium Metal (GCr15) made out of heat treating, provides great and uniform hardness, very good wear resistance, and high contact fatigue performance.
Suitable for all sorts of industrial equipment, micro motor, small rotary engine, office equipment etc.
Cages – Selection of cage types to suit your application needs: steel, solid brass or polymer
High Quality Steel – Ultra clean steel designed to extend bearing life by up to 80%
Advanced Grease Technology – NSK lubricants made to extend grease existence and improve bearing performance
Very Finished Raceways – Specially honed to minimize noise and increase the grease distribution
Patented Seals – Give a barrier to contamination in difficult environments.
Electrically insulated ball bearings available
Outer diameters up to 2500 mm
This kind of ball bearing it often the most famous because of its versatility. They will be ideal for high speeds and may handle an excellent radial load capability, all will hardly any maintenance required.
“Deep Groove” refers to the race (the groove where the balls rest). There is as a result a larger space between the inner and outer rings, compared to the diameter of the ball. This leaves space for the rubber seals.
The purpose of a ball bearing is to look for the relative position of two parts (usually the shaft and the bearing housing) and also to ensure their free rotation while transmitting the load between them. At substantial rotational speeds (for instance in gyro ball bearings), this application can be extended to include free rotation without nearly have on in the bearings. To achieve this, the two parts of the bearing could be separated by a level of adhesive liquid film called an elastic hydrodynamic lubricating film. pointed out that flexibility can be maintained not only when the bearing bears the load on the shaft, but as well when the bearing is preloaded so that the positioning precision and stability of the shaft does not surpass 1 microin or 1 nanoin. Hydrodynamic lubricating film.
Deep groove ball bearings mainly take radial load, but also can support radial and axial load. When the only radial loads, the get in touch with angle is zero.
When the deep groove ball bearings with a larger radial clearance, with angular speak to bearings can bear significant axial load, deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, the speed limit is also high.

One row deep groove ball bearings happen to be manufactured as open type (unsealed), sealed and shielded, the most popular sizes of deep groove ball bearings will be also stated in sealed versions with shields or contact seals using one or both sides, the bearings with shields or seals in both sides happen to be lubricated forever and are maintenance free. A sealed bearings seals features get in touch with on the bearings internal and external, a shielded bearings shield has contact on the outer only, and Shielded bearings happen to be primarily intended for applications where the inner ring rotates. If the external ring rotates, there exists a risk that the grease will leak from the bearing at substantial speeds.
Double-row Deep Groove Ball Bearing own deep uninterrupted raceways and large conformity between the balls and raceways.
They could carry axial loads acting in both directions in addition to radial loads.Twice row deep groove ball bearings will be
very ideal for bearing arrangements where in fact the load carrying ability of a single row bearing is inadequate. For the same
outside the house and bore diameters, double row bearings are slightly wider than one row bearings but possess considerably higher load
carrying capacity than single row bearings in the 62 and 63 series.
EPT deep groove ball bearings for extreme temperatures correspond in style to standard solo row deep groove ball bearings of the same size. They haven’t any filling slots and will accommodate regular axial loads furthermore to radial loads. The radial inner clearance can be a multiple of C5 to prevent the bearings from seizing, even though they cool quickly. All floors of the bearing and shields will be manganese phosphated to improve adhesion of the lubricant to the steel and provide additional proper protection against corrosion.


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