Precision gear heads

Application fields:
steel, chemical, oil, beverage, food, electronic, method hides, pharmacy, and textile.
They are trusted in a variety of low-speed transmissions, which are general basic parts of mechanical transmission.

Note :We have reversible motor ,induction engine and three-phase motor , a good wild selection of speeds and torques so that you can choose ,please send us inquiry for more details .In the event that you reveal the supply voltage ,outcome power and output acceleration,we are able to recommend the unit and quote accordingly rapidly .
Note:Speed figures are based on synchronous speed,The actual output speed,under rated torque circumstances is about 2~20%much less than synchronous speed,a grey history indicatesoutput shaft of geared engine rotates on the same path as productivity shaft of motor.A white background indicates rotation in the contrary direction.

AC Speed Reducer Equipment Motor.
Reducer gear is integrate gear field and engine. This integrated physique would normally be referred to as a equipment motor or gear engine.

1, gear engine with international technical requirements for manufacturing, high technology content.
2, space-keeping, reliable and durable, withstand high overload capacity, power up to 95KW or even more.
3, low energy consumption, superior performance, acceleration reducer effectiveness up to 95%.
4, small vibration, low noise, strength, high-quality forged steel, metal cast iron box, equipment surface area after HF treatment.
5, accuracy machining, to make sure parallel shaft and positioning accuracy, all this takes its gear drive gear motor assembly configured various types of motor, forming a mechanical and electrical integration, fully guaranteed product quality characteristics.
6, the product uses a series, modular design, an array of adaptability, this series comes with an extremely multi-motor combination, mounting position and structure of the program, according to the actual need to select any rate and a number of structural forms.
If you need to move express a turret or a turntable brain in a precise fashion, you can send and electronic command to the engine driver and anticipation that it movements to the required position. Basically an wide open loop control system. On the other hand, if you need to verify that actually you are at that position then you need a close loop responses control system.
Requirements and Specifications
Extremely light-weight yet durable.
Fault tolerance via multiple measurement tips.
Designed for serious “G” forces and harsh usage.
Capable of extreme temperature operation.
Operate free of any lubricant.

Typical Product Use
Navigational Devices
Aerial Scanning Systems
Robot Positioning Systems
Missle Guidance Systems
A wide range of high quality spur gearheads can be found to compliment FAULHABER DC-Micromotors. The all steel or plastic input-stage geartrain assures extremely noiseless running.
offers a special variant of a spur gearhead with zero backlash. These gearheads consist of a dual pass spur geartrain with all metallic gears. The backlash is normally reduced to the very least by counter-rotating the two individual equipment passes to one another and locking them in place on the electric motor pinion gear. They are suitable for positioning applications with an extremely high res and moderate torque. Zero backlash gearheads can only just be sent preloaded from the factory.
The primary reason to employ a gearhead is that it makes it possible to control a big load inertia with a comparatively small motor inertia. Minus the gearhead, acceleration or velocity control of the load would require that the motor torque, and thus current, would have to be as much times greater because the reduction ratio which is used. Moog offers a selection of windings in each body size that, coupled with a selection of reduction ratios, offers an range of solution to result requirements. Each mixture of engine and gearhead offers one of a kind advantages.
gearing for huge torque capacity as well as smooth and quiet operation. True Planetary gearheads are ideal for use in great precision action control applications which need a excessive torque to quantity ratio, great torsional stiffness, and low backlash. All of our gearheads are lubricated for life with no maintenance required. Through new technologies, improved models and increased mounting options, we have now present the largest selection of planetary gearheads in the world. We strive to have a remedy for every customer application. With our large variety of ratios, our buyers have the ability to reduce speed, enhance torque or meet inertias to provide a stable and managed servo system.
Because of the load sharing attributes of multiple tooth contacts,planetary gearboxes supply the highest torque and stiffness for any given envelope
Balanced planetary kinematics for high speeds combined with associated load sharing help to make planetary-type gearheads suitable for servo applications
True helical technology provides increased tooth to tooth contact ratio by 33% vs. spur gearing 12ยก helix angle produces clean and quiet operation
One piece planet carrier and end result shaft design reduces backlash
Single step machining process
Assures 100% concentricity Raises torsional rigidity
Efficient lubrication for life


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