pto Gearbox For Generator

pto Gearbox For Generator

generator agricultural gearbox has the features of gentle fat, small volume, large transmission ratio, substantial performance, easy rotation, lower sound and great applicability.

one) Output pace:.19~60r/min

two) Output torque: up to 260,000N.m

three) Motor electrical power: .4~1293kW

four) Mounted sort: foot-mounted ,flange-mounted

pto Gearbox For Generator

The agricultural division is divided into gearboxes (velocity change gears, parallel and right angle shaft pace increasers and reducers), driveshafts and protection gadgets primarily employed on agricultural equipments.

The agricultural division transmissions are extremely custom-made and available in numerous advanced versions. Software engineering and large style functionality let to resolve any customer’s issues, granting constant enhancement, quality and total service.

pto Gearbox For Generator

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